Web design

Web design is the most debated field of attaining a presence on the Internet… After all, you only have words to explain to the developer, as to exactly how you visualise the appearance of your organisation and its services on the Internet. Therefore, you need an expert who can read your mind, never taking away from your ideas but rather enriching them with aesthetic value. We also can assist you when you run out of ideas.

Many people “know about” website design.
Friends, family, colleagues, and often visitors do not hide their opinion. They debate with us about colours, forms, and fonts. Is the site pleasant to the eye, is it easy to read, and is it attractive, etc. and they all offer different solutions to these questions. The last question is the most difficult: is the site attractive? SThis is the way many people express whether they like the service and contents that we display.

At Weboriginal we do not get into debates. It is not that all of our colleagues have the same opinion of our work, or the contents and services that we develop. We do not debate generally because for us web design is a process, the inevitable result of a given project. Our consultants, content developers, and web developers cooperate throughout this process, in turn creating all of the visual solutions necessitated. Our colleagues are there to find the most suitable form and layout for any content. We build from the ground up

we see what contents and services you need to make available on the web and then we shape them in a way that they are easily accessible with a clear structure – while the necessary technical background offers you a flexible and possibly inexpensive solution. In our case,web design is not for its own sake: our web developers create a visual framework of contents and services.

This visual framework is primarily intended to promote the communication purposes of the site. Its world of colours and shapes strengthens the content and assists the site’s orientation. The design of a website is in fact the user interface of the online content and the services offered on the Internet that conveys your message. It can directly influence the visitor’s experience of your web pages. During our work, we always keep this experience in view. To put it simply: we create designs that work.

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