Search Engine Optimization

(Search Engine Optimization – SEO)

Using our search engine optimisation service, you can help visitors easily find your website even if they do not know the exact web address. In this case, it is important that they should be able to easily navigate to your site using online search engines (e.g. Google), which is only possible if, when searching for the right words, they see your website listed at the top of the search results.

To the top of the search results in just a few steps…

  1. Opening discussion, defining key words First of all we examine your website and see if there is any functional obstacle for optimisation. Subsequently, we prepare a list of the search words that may be characteristic of your products/services. We then choose the final key words from this list together with you.
  2. Text writing Having defined the activity-specific key words, they are then provided to one of our text writers, who then writes unique contents that are typical of your website, based on our discussion and using the key words selected. With their qualifications and experiences, our text writers can prepare contents for your website that contain the selected key words in a frequency that is optimal for the search engines, in addition to efficiently serving for the communication goals of the website.
  3. Search engine friendly technical background In co-operation with the text writer, our optimisation experts place the optimised contents onto your website and perform the necessary modifications so that the key words on the pages are displayed in the most optimal way for search engines. Furthermore, they transform all of the other characteristics of the website (architecture, meta tags, graphics – texts, internal link structure, and internal pages) to be more visible to search engines.
  4. Link development In order to make the website reach high positions in the search results, link strategy is very important. This means placing links on other sites that direct to your website. Link management is an important element of our SEO services and our colleagues are ready to assist you in this area as well.

Some of the nearly 400 search words that we manage – and their rankings


Before we begin the process of optimisation, we examine how your website is rated in the search results regarding each search word. We then send the result of the examination to you.

During the optimisation contract, we perform these searches every month so that we can track the improvements. We attach these reports to our invoices so that our customers can decide each month whether we have performed well for their money.

Costs for website optimisation

Optimisation costs consist of a fixed monthly fee during the validity of the contract and a success fee. We establish a success fee in our contracts in case the concerned search word appears in the top 10 or top 5 hits in the search results. The amount of the monthly optimisation fee and success fee primarily depends on the competition regarding the key words of your activity.

We make sure that you do not have to spend too much in vain – in case you have a great variety of activities, search engine optimisation may not be worth it. In this case, our online advertisement expert with Google Advertising Professional qualification will suggest a different solution for you – to make your service rather visible.

Tips Well placed links help search engine optimisation, so they are worth considering. Unilateral links, which are often available for a fee, can be arranged in a link collection or on other connected pages, while exchange links mean that we have to place a link on the outside website on our pages for our appearance on theirs.