Online marketing advisory

During the operation of any website, there may be periods when the owner or operator feel, or the visitors, users, or attendance statistics show, that there is something wrong with the Internet presence of the company. The same situation occurs when a new website or a new online service is launched: the designer and programmer expect finished materials, texts, and contents and the operator of the website has to choose from a number of options in a short time…

Our colleagues that handle the Online marketing advisory are available to you for such occurrences. We not only recommend this service to those who are considering creating a new Internet image and presence. It is equally useful for those who have already made or plan to make a website but are not satisfied with its performance and, therefore, they would like to make changes or introduce new services.

First of all, we examine your pages and online services through the visitors’ eyes. If you want to introduce a new service on the Internet or you want to appear online with new contents and materials, we can advise you regarding the services from the aspect of future visitors.

It is not only the website as a whole that is important but also its visual solutions and wording. The text can easily undermine the best design and the most exciting visual solutions – this is why our experts, well-versed in organisational communication, also provide advice that is limited to the texts of the site.

We help you

  • decide what information regarding your organisation is worth publishing on the Internet
  • determine which services of your organisation are worth making accessible on the Internet
  • understand how your visitors use your pages
  • learn about the latest, web 2.0 servicing models and trends and how to apply them on your site
  • decide on the visual appearance and colour scheme of your website
  • choose the appropriate technological background for the effective online display of your information and services and for simple maintenance
  • organise and arrange your information intended for the Internet
  • harmonise the Internet appearance of your organisation with your PR aspects and the marketing-communications aspects of your services


Online advisory is basically provided orally; this means thinking together wherein you can make responsible and well-based decisions about your web pages and services. This does not mean an in-depth analysis; it is rather about determining the development opportunities, contents, and services. In case you are interested in the analysis of the operation and efficiency of your website.

Sometimes a personal presence is not possible but our customer needs advice. In this case it is worth organising an online video conference but we are also accessible via video phone, instant messaging (Live Messenger, Skype, and Google talk), and phone.

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