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Advertising on the Internet: only accurately!

There are cases when it is worth supporting effective, search engine optimised Internet appearance with further advertisements. The website is fine, i.e. it offers a faithful and good image of your organisation and services. Thanks to search engine optimisation, you can also be sure that your website is well visible in Internet search sites. This way everybody interested in the organisation or the service can obtain the appropriate information.
Still it may be necessary to approach even more people by opening up yet another channel… When you have a unique idea and launch a service that has no precedent or when you present a product that is a completely novelty.

Sometimes search engine optimisation is not profitable due to the contents of the site or the multifarious activities of the organisation. If the activities can only be covered with a large number of search words, it is worth considering a targeted, cost-effective campaign, using the Google AdWordsTM system.

Weboriginal’s experts, qualified in the AdWords system and experienced in Internet advertisements, can offer you assistance with this.

Google Adwords Campaigns

Such advertisements are needed that are targeted; yet can reach a lot of people and only real access by users costs money. This was unimaginable in the world of traditional press. Today it is possible to measure the effectiveness and access of banner type advertisements, common on the Internet. However, customers will generally keep paying for the appearance and the number of appearances.

Yet appearance does not result in user access in the majority of cases. What is more, a large number of users find banner advertisements disturbing and use software applications that ban the appearance of banners.

The Eyetrack research series, conducted by the Poynter Institute, revealed that users have learnt to neglect graphic advertisements. Designers of banners generally try to draw attention to their advertisements by applying vivid colours and exciting graphic solutions; but Internet users pay more attention to text contents: the information they were originally looking for.

The Google AdWordsTM system was created in view of the above-mentioned findings. Advertisements are presented near the contents sought by Internet users and not in a disturbing way: no graphic solutions are applied, facilitating straight-to-the-point wording instead.

Close to your future partners

Advertisements are stored in the Google search engine, thus they appear aligned to the search results, directly next to them on the right or above them. They are not displayed unnecessarily: they only appear when users make a search about the topic, industry or service the advertisement concerns. Also, these advertisements are not lost among the search results; they appear in a highlighted position.
And you will only pay if your advertisement is clicked on, which will lead users directly to the related information, to your website.

What can we do for you?

  • we create the text of your advertisement – which must meet strict criteria, summing up the essence of your service in 95 words
  • we help you find the right key words – so that Google will display your advertisement next to the right search results- hogy a Google a megfelelő keresések mellett jelenítse meg az Ön hirdetését
  • we perform administration related to the campaign – we set the agreed key words and texts and ensure appearance
  • we follow up the success of the campaign – we continuously check statistics and thus help you make the advertisement text and the key words more effective, if needed

Your campaign will be conducted by our expert with Google Advertising Professional – Qualified Individual qualification. The operator of the AdWords system acknowledged our colleague’s knowledge. His work is assisted by our advisors and writers.

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