Founded in 2006, is a web design, agency and search engine optimizing studio.

In the area of web design, coding and the various web-based developments, we operate as an agency, which means that we generally execute the related orders involving external specialists.
An important part of our everyday work is to look for high-quality designers, programmers and other web developing specialists. This is why we strive to find better and better external specialists through continuous advertising and using our ever-widening professional connections.
We filter the applicants in several steps, as well as qualify and categorise them. We then commission the selected experts with more and more complex tasks.
Using this professional background, we are capable of delivering serious development orders at a high standard, in a clear and functional way.

Another important argument for you to choose us is that the company is not managed by IT specialists.
Why is this an advantage?
There are two reasons: we can understand you easier and – as we have plenty of experience – we find it easier to make the IT experts understand what you need. We consciously maintain a certain level of professional outsiderness, while we also speak the language of IT pretty well. The managing director of Weboriginal completed her international marketing and corporate management studies in the Netherlands and Germany, graduating from the College of Düsseldorf at the faculty of Business Administration in 2005.

The other pillar of the company is search engine optimisation, which activity, unlike website creation, is performed by the specialists we ourselves have trained and developed. Weboriginal is among the best in this field in Hungary, which can easily be proved: all you have to do is type the words “search engine optimisation” and “website creation” in the search field of a As you can see, Weboriginal is listed among the first five matches, although the other companies dealing with this activity probably concentrate on the optimisation of the same search words. You can view our other optimisation results on our page titled Search Engine Optimisation .